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'artists pick artists' group show 21/12/2018 - 26/01/2019 @artsümer

'artists pick artists'

artSümer is delighted to present the fourth edition of “Artists Pick Artists / Sanatçılar ve Konuk Sanatçılar”. In this exhibition, as in its former incarnations, gallery artists select artists who are not represented by the gallery. In accordance with the concept of the artist as an active and passive creator, the exhibition takes the viewer on a mysterious journey. 

The exhibition gives represented artists a chance to present as their choice, artists whom they love, follow and are influenced by owing to the design propelled by the exhibition’s core idea. The concept is actually very simple—giving the opportunity to the artist to express himself/herself differently through his/her choice of artist and most importantly, making us experience the artist’s discovery of another artist. With this design an opportunity to uncover a creative network as well as encouraging mentorship and choices made by artists at different stages of their careers is created. Feat…

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