"Dreams on the River" at OrganHaus, Chongqing, China /// 2.12.2011

 "Guide for hands", drawings on textile, 70 cm x 60 cm ( 4 pieces), 2011
 "Dream", sewing on textile, 215 cm x 300 cm, 2011
 "There is no time to go", video, 05: 17 min, 2011
 "They were trying to climb against the current", video, 05:08 min., 2010
 "Working Flower", light box, 40 cm x 40 cm., 2011
special thanks for workshop participants:
Yang Xi
Liang Ying
Han Wen Zhang
Wu Yan
Wen Jing
She Chenqi
Jiu Jiu

link:    http://site.douban.com/organhaus/widget/notes/1476198/note/273716922/