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WHO TOLD YOU SO?! #4 Truth vs. Family

"the photographer: Studio Clack, the project and onomatopee"

“What must it be like for a little boy to read that daddy never loved mummy?” – Princes Diana Opening November 9th, 20:00 Running from November 10 - January 20 open thursday-sunday 13:00-17:00 With: Ani Eloyan (NL), Erwin van Doorn & Inge Nabuurs (NL), Erika Rothenberg (US), Gunes Terkol (TR), Jans Muskee (NL), Keren Cytter (IL), Melanie Bonajo (NL), Nadine Byrne (SE), Pedro Bakker (NL), Ronald Ophuis (NL), Sebastian Friedman (ARG). + Project specific poem by Anne van Amstel + Project specific texts by Filosofie Magazine editor Leon Heuts and Van Abbemuseum curator Annie Fletcher This fourth and last chapter of our year-long Who told you so?! program focuses on the story of Truth vs. Family. We are familiar with our families but do we know them personally, do we know them deeply? We are close, but do we come close to the sources of our neighbours’ deep wishes and needs? Can we rely on “the most natural social context” and where does the emancipation stand that takes place indoor, with the revival of the traditional housewife, twittering children and fathers imaginatively undermining the traditional family throughout their private pages. What is actually written in the emancipated “official” story, in which we all keep ourselves together? Can we emancipate as a family, now that communicative means threaten to take down this traditional structure? Now that the ever-emerging new media, through which the “new” manifests itself in family life, have countered the voice of the father? What do we know about our family members? Which resources of needs, desires and inspirations are really at stake? How do we build the closest social desires of nurture and love, confidence and trust? Where are we when it truly comes down to ourselves? Now that the winter months and Christmas are coming, we must come together in mutual respect and take into account the incredible nature of the source of our daughters and mothers, brothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, grandmothers and grandfathers. Precisely now that the winter months and Christmas are coming, we must come together in mutual respect and take into account the unimaginable nature of our mothers and daughters, brothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, grandmothers and grandfathers. Curator/editor: Freek Lomme Exhibition design: Dave Keune Graphic design: Novak Ontwerp Made possible thanks to: Municipality of Eindhoven and Mondriaan Fund PRESENTATION 09/11/12 - 31/01/13


OMP75 / Research project
Who told you so?! - The collective story vs. the individual narrative -

PRICE: € 30,00     

If uncertainty is the greatest common denominator, ambiguity is a means to unite the parts....

Only accountable to ourselves, Who told you so?! - The collective story vs. the individual narrative - challenges states of social ambivalence within various levels of cohesion: government, organization, scene and family. Abstractly informing our collective subjectivity and practically nurturing our personal, existential momentum, here we may inform our experiences along the lines of the poetical and critical postures presented. The postures included here inform on our whereabouts. Having the opportunity to feed our individual narrations, we may enable ourselves to challenge the collective stories written to us. Come and play upon ambivalence in cohesion’s truths and face up to what we might consider ambiguous!

The various concentrated gestures and scenarios in this project offer surprising and revealing perspectives of the conditionality of individual freedom within the social configurations in which we find cohesion. Fascinating, relevant and intriguing, now that collective freedom is at odds with individual liberties and individual liberties are at odds with the collective associations by which they should be represented. Belonging to any group makes you an accessory and if you don’t belong, you are not allowed to assume that responsibility. Whatever happens if you belong to a group without wanting to, we usually do not know... We live in times of great social ambiguity.
Trying to find new challenges and widening perspectives, often double-tongued as well as hiding a secret agenda, this project looks for deeper relations. Forty artists, ten writers and four poets use their astute authors’ skills to offer a thought-provoking ambiguity. This bundle will offer conformists an insight into the restrictions of freedom they are responsible for, will inspire freethinkers who feel they lack something and try to find a position, and it will provide recognition to those who feel oppressed.
Dr. Jonathan Short,Patricia Reed, Daniel Miller, Matteo Lucchetti, Markus MiessenAlfredo Cramerotti, Wim Langenhoff, René Gabriëls, Leon Heuts and Tanja Baudoin
Curator/editor:Freek LommeExhibition design: Dave KeuneGraphic design: In Edition
Made possible thanks to the Municipality of Eindhoven and Mondriaan Fund

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