"Future - Past" - Музей истории и археологии Урала- History Museum, Yakatarinaburg, Russia

“Kahkaha” 2017, doğal boyanmış kumaşlar üzerine dikiş ve dokuma, embroidery on textile 
100x110 cm.

Today's present is the past of tomorrow, Tomorrow's present is the future of today. The paradox, which is hardly possible to understand. Both physicists and philosophers agree that time is the product of our consciousness and thinking, but if so, and physically we have only the present moment, how to deal with a legacy of cultural artifacts? The past did not pass at all, and, moreover, each our day is the past of tomorrow that will be saved or erased. Exhibition "Future Past" - it's not just a language game; it's a game of meanings and times, which intertwine in the space of the natural science museum (and where else to talk about Time?). Contemporary art for us tomorrow will be a "heritage", the usual things - "antiquities" and even, perhaps, the human body itself in its present condition will be a set of atavisms for the Man of the Future. The exhibition is exactly about seeing yourself through the prism of the future and so it is better to understand your present and past. The exhibition presents works by 
Curators Настасья Пилецкая (Nastassja Piletskaya) Özgenur Geris

Artists Emirhan Eren Eda Aslan Elcin Ekinci Ekin Saçlıoğlu Sami Aslan Gunes Terkol Gökçen Dilek Acay Merve Kılıçer

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